[Committees of Safety] John Doe # 4 or Overblown Ego?

Elizabeth Sutton iceni2657 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 13 11:46:54 KST 2012

The following Face Book posts were forwarded to me for comment.  First, let me say that I can scarcely believe that an accusation like the following, without substantiation, would be available for public viewing on any site sponsored by, hosted by or owned by Edwin Vieira, one of the most respected and foremost authorities regarding the Constitution...or so I believed, but just perhaps, I have placed too much respect where it may not be due.
By way of full disclosure, let me state up front that I count Gary Hunt among my friends.  In the last two years, we have argued, agreed, disagreed, laughed with one another, screamed at one another, and generally challenged one another to better understanding of the challenges we currently face.
I will also state that we have spoken in depth about the charges leveled below, by a complete stranger to Gary, who carries forth this particular charge from a now deceased patriot, Bill Cooper.  
I had heard that Dr. Vieira had placed on his website, CommitteesofSafety.org, that Gary Hunt was "John Doe #4" related to the bombing of the Murrah Building in OK City.  I had also heard that this was removed from Dr. Vieira's web site some time later.  I was most relieved to hear this, since I have not seen, nor has Gary related that one scintilla of evidence has been presented to substantiate this charge.
In fact, a man in a photograph at the site was suggested to be Gary Hunt, sometime later on the day of the bombing.  I have also been informed that this is easily refuted, as Gary Hunt was not only not in OK City that day, but was in fact, in the company of a well known, highly respected patriot attorney, known to many on this site, and they were in fact, several states removed from OK.
This has surfaced many times over the last 17 years.  Each time, it appears that the information is dredged up, posted, repeated, with (did I mention this before?) not one scintilla of evidence to substantiate this allegation.
I find it unconscionable, first and foremost, and I also find it irresponsible, amateurish, and most unfitting for one who seeks to lead...anyone...anywhere.  
To the best of my knowledge, the initial allegation that Gary Hunt was a government agent was leveled by Linda Thompson, and repeated subsequently, during a drunken rant with Bill Cooper, on a radio show ,shortly after the Branch Davidians were murdered by government forces.  It was apparently the only thing she (they) could think of in light of the request from Gary Hunt that militias should not show up in Waco, armed.  He was passing on the request made by the Davidians themselves, who believed God would intervene in the situation.  
If anyone reading this has any evidence to present as to the veracity of these allegations, be it documents, photographs, testimony, etc., please do consider presenting same.  

This comment is rebuttal to unprovoked attack on me and Dr. Edwin Vieira Jr. in the above comment that may disappear after a few days.

Andrew: "I haven't even listened to this guy Dr Vieira .. i have NEVER heard of this guy, so to say he is the NUMBER 1 foremost authority (or 1 of ) is ridiculous .. So, to me it sounds a lot like you came to this FB group to bash the Militia .. please save your Constituion Bashing and Militia Bashing for someone less educated than the fine folks here..."

D.McG: 'NUF SAID!! Could I defend myself any better than that? Could I say I’ve forgotten more about natural law and the Declaration and the Constitution and the “Militia of the several States” than Andrew will ever know? Probably.
Appropriate quotes for reader’s enjoyment: "Let me get this straight …So have I become your enemy by telling you the truth?"
“To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.” -- Thomas Paine
“Jefferson used Reid’s characteristic ‘philosopher and clown’ comparison” – Gary Wills, Inventing America, Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence.
Everyone reading here knows I have liberally quoted and posted Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, Federalist Papers, Story’s Commentaries, Bastiat, U.S. Senate Subcommittee on the Constitution, Vieira, everything and everybody appropriate …
So ..Who does Andrew think he’s kidding?
I don’t know, to all the many members here who know or know of Edwin, Walter, and me -- sounds like maybe Andrew Marshall could be a mole for Gary Hunt – is it coincidental that right after I mentioned Hunt in a post, this bozo bashes me, and even bashes Edwin? Or Andrew may just be an ordinary run-of-the-mill agent provocateur.
I think malarkey may be more distracting than any positive gotten out of this argument, like Paine said. Then again, they say that when good works get attacked, it’s because the good works are achieving success that the evil consider dangerous.
Haven’t decided yet whether to let Andrew and the comment stay long-term for a good laugh and in the interest of free speech, or, since these are serious times we all don’t have time to waste reading useless sociopathic comments. I’ll let it stay at least a few days so my rebuttal to unprovoked attack is given a chance to be seen.
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Daniel McGonigle Note re the above: upon further investigation it is known that Andrew Marshall and Randy Mack (of youhavetreadonme.com and associate of Gary Hunt) both requested to be added to the group around the same time and were added by one of the admins. The picture has become much clearer.
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Daniel McGonigle The Mask, Dean Koontz
Evil is no faceless stranger,
living in a distant neighborhood.
Evil has a wholesome, hometown face,
with merry eyes and an open smile.
Evil walks among us, wearing a mask
which looks like all our faces.
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Daniel McGonigle Note: If Randy Mack posted here, please copy/paste and repost it or send me in private message, because I cannot see it since I blocked him a long time ago. Admins don't do anything with Marshall and Mack yet. Also, it is confirmed undisputed fact that both Mack and Hunt know of Dr. Vieira very well, and since Marshall and Mack have revealed themselves to be associates .. you get the picture. Hunt has also revealed himself several times in the past by his actions. I've determined that Hunt has ability to know in real time whoever is looking at his facebook page. The vast majority of us know that shedding light on darkness is a good thing.
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Daniel McGonigle committee.org is alleged to be "controlled opposition", as well as youhavetreadonme.com. Gary Hunt and Randy Mack are associates affiliated with these websites. Randy Mack and Andrew Marshall appear to be associates by their concurrent activity in this group. Info on Gary Hunt is here: http://​www.hourofthetime.com/​plot.htm
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