[Committees of Safety] Impeachment of Obama Failure w/ Congressional War Approval ??????

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I've been lurking around this committee for a while now. Never really had
much to say until now. As I see it there is one more problem (other than
congress) to the impeachment of Obama. He is not legally our president.
According to the supreme court in a ruling during Madison's time I think,
for someone to be elected president the person must be a natural born
citizen. Yes? According to the ruling for someone to be considered a natural
born citizen BOTH parents at the time of birth MUST also be citizens. His
father freely admits he was not. While ok Barry was born in Hawaii but not
to 2 citizens. 

Congress also has been acting against the constitution for years now. As far
as the president goes,,,,,,,,,



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Congressional War Approval ??????
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Are not the current authorities acting in much the same manner as the
colonial British authorities did in revolutionary times?  

Aren't the current authorities refusing to address the cries and petitions
of the common citizenry?

Are not we being taxed with little or no representation?

So, please tell me why this is not just cause for another revolution?  I
view our current government and the former British colonial government as
being much the same.



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Congressional War Approval ??????

A proposed solution can be found at The Plan for the Restoration of
Constitutional Government - Abbreviated Version


And, yes, Committees of Safety are an integral part of it.


Gary Hunt
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more dangerous task of fighting against our enemy.

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