[Committees of Safety] Frank you do not know

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that fellow who said what he did to you had better check his facts.
only 3% of our countrymen actually fought in the evolutionary war NOT 7%.

Semper Fi


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NO NO I do have the will to fight, I have been stocking up on ammo just in case for a while. Socialist that is an insult. And fighting words. Like I said I WILL fight on our side, I just will not start it. Things I have been planning about how to win the war would blow your mind. However I will not discuss those plans on an open thread or via e-mail that can be seen by the feds.I do know the numbers of the revolutionary war. However the other 93% were not actively shooting at the 7% that might happen here. Also most of the “trained” military was on their side. This time around it would be the other way. Most of the military are just sheepal and will follow orders. It would be hard, but, well worth the struggle.Frank From: Lynne Stevens [mailto:jackie40d at gmail.com] 
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Importance: High From what you have said we just might as just suck on Oammes parts . . either you have no will to resist or your a Socialist commie plant ! . . that is ok only 7 % of the country fought in the last Revolutionary war the rest were like you a fence pole turtle ! ! . . But then you may not live through the war to help build the statue of the leader of the next war . . Some you people build a statue of him Constitution in one hand and shotgun in the other after the war     

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