[Committees of Safety] Well Jim I am glad I am not out here alone

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Um no I do not have all that. Just the bike. And up here in Washington
state, (The rain forest of America) it's kind of hard to get parts. Also I
have no clue on how to weld anything. J



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my vulcan

My Vulcan 900 Classic 
This is my only way around town it gets groceries and wanders around Arizona
. . Doesn't your Shadow have saddle bags, back rack, and sissy bar ? I
welded the Combo together out of left over 3/4 inch square tubing . . ( I
have Mig welder to do welding with ) . . And I am NOT a GUY . . Glad I do
NOT have your problems with scratching and itching . . you poor men never
heard of baby powder ! ! ROFLMAO
Glad your not a FENCE POLE TURTLE Jim . . 


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Lynne Stevens 

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