[Committees of Safety] New Federal Case FREE information to SAVE our nation

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Wed Jan 9 05:45:56 KST 2013

I filed a federal case in the United States District Court, District of 
Utah, Northern Division, for Article 3 justice, as a Plaintiff:  D'Addabbo v 
Obama and the US Inc et, al... Utah Inc et, al... Case number 

This case information if used nationally by all patriots will remove the 
scum that has removed the Constitutional laws over governments... 

It exposes their money train... cuts down the tree of evil and up roots it! 

They will have no other way of enforcing illegal laws in our states if they 
can not black mail with federal money,   our sheriffs and governors to 
implement illegal laws under color of law! simple as that. 

If you want the complete case open claim, I will send it for free by email.  
if you want it printed, and USPS mailed to you it will cost $15.00 each copy 
mailed in the USA. 

Arrest an Airport security agent today and save someone from being molested! 

Remove all unconstitutional sheriffs, police chiefs, governors, mayors, 
county executives from office... create a safe place to live in your county. 

then worry about the rest of the Union. 

David J. D'Addabbo
Investigator for the people.
dabodave1 at pdqx.net 




David J. D'Addabbo.
Investigator for the sovereign people,
Founder of Sons and Daughters of Liberty.
All God given Rights Reserved without prejudice,
UCC 1-207,308,103(b) under commercial law.
Bill of Rights under Government law.
Declaration of Independence under the People’s
law!  This message is for educational purposes,
to enforce the laws of the land. dabodave1 at pdqx.net
Ending Taxation , "Google, Bing, etc...Search,
"Ending Taxation" "The Only Game in town"...
STOP the blackout on the CAFR (Local Government's
Annual Financial Report since 1946)
More importantly, get the word out on how all
taxation can be eliminated; and create a Nation, for and by the people, to 
benefit from
this new found Freedom! 

Contact for more information:
Walter Burien - CAFR1
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936
Tel. (928) 458-5854
Ending Taxation - The Only Game in Town... 

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