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Help needed -- re: Habeas Corpus


To the List,

I am in need of finding some way of getting a Habeas Corpus in the hands of
one of the United States Supreme Court Justices.  It doesn't matter which
one, though I would prefer either Thomas or Roberts.

It appears that the Clerk of the Court is stonewalling me.  The first
submittal to the Court was returned with a letter providing rules to file
the Habeas Corpus administratively.  Habeas Corpus, however, as being
protected Privilege, as per Article I, Section 9, clause 2, can only be
suspended by the Legislative Branch of government. 

The Clerk, by denying passing on the Habeas Corpus, has, de facto, suspended
Habeas Corpus -- in violation of the Constitution.

A subsequent submittal, with cover letter explaining why the Administrative
Rules did not apply, and that a refusal to pass it on to a Justice is a de
facto suspension of Habeas Corpus.  The resultant return of the package
(nothing but the Habeas Corpus and the previous correspondence was
returned), without a letter explaining the reason for not passing the Habeas
to the proper Justice, is, from a legal standpoint, consent (Silence is
Consent).  Consent, however, would require that the Habeas Corpus be passed
on to the appropriate Justice.

I am also open to any ideas anyone may have in dealing with this.  If I can
find multiple ways to approach, or deal with, a solution, I intend to pursue
all of them.  This is a test as to whether Habeas Corpus has been suspended.
It can only be suspended by the Congress (the Privilege is protected in the
Legislative portion of the Constitution), though I have found no record of
such suspension.



Gary Hunt
 <http://www.outpost-of-freedom.com/> Outpost of Freedom


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