[Committees of Safety] OPF Radio - Security Teams - Monday, January 21, 2013

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Sat Jan 19 03:52:37 KST 2013

Outpost of Freedom Radio




Security Teams - Monday, January 21 2013 on OPF Radio

at 6pm PST; 7pm MST; 8pm CST; 9pm EST


Security Teams function as an extension of, and an added layer of
preparedness and self-defense, not only of a single individual, or
situation, but of each member of the team and their family.


Given the many situations in which a higher standard of awareness and
security is required, actually demanded, each team member must be
assured of other member's individual commitment to the group's overall


This program on Security Teams will cover a wide range of topics related
to the "How, Why, and When" of forming Security Teams, and will include
information addressing the greatest vulnerabilities faced by individuals
and groups seeking such additional layers of preparedness.



OPF Radio <http://outpost-of-freedom.com/radio/>



Gary Hunt
 <http://www.outpost-of-freedom.com/> Outpost of Freedom

An American, without apology; 

and one who can think of no other time and place, in history, that I
would rather be alive.



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