[OPF List] What if the SHTF?

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I don't think America will fare well......for awhile. Too many people have been drinking the kool aid, and can't see past their credit cards, the football game and a glass of beer or wine!!   If we get rid of all the crooks and a*shats in government and start over with real Americans who want the Constitution as our law (like it was meant to be), we'll fare great!!  It comes down to who will survive the hell of getting control or our country.   Kind of like going after the MOB!  

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Interesting video, and very reminiscent of a time in our own history, when "domestic terrorists" and "insurgents" were also engaging in a similar situation, for it's own reasons. FEMA has an educational class they teach to police about this very situation, and the people they call those above names were the Founding Fathers. 

I wonder, if after so many decades of social engineering and chemical lobotomizing and narcissism pedaled as culture, what Americans would do if faced with one of the situations brought up in the original email. We currently have 3 very large groups in America, that are calling for the death and extermination of all Americans and/or white people; La Raza and other Mexican/South American groups; black militant groups; Muslim groups. Hypothetically speaking, what if these organizations pressed the "GO" button, and engaged in a Rwanda scenario on We the People? There are many areas of the country where people who fill the ranks of these groups are the dominant majority, or a significant enough force to overwhelm any police force. What would Americans do then? Our unorganized militia are minimal, ill equiped, ill trained, and very unorganized overall, or at least nothing like what it is supposed to be, according to the Constitution. 

There is always the threat of economic collapse, and China exerting it's right to Eminent Domain over America, given to them in an executive order by W. What of the "peak oil crisis"? Look at Hurricane Katrina as an example of social collapse. How many police are on trial for murder? How many women were raped by people with gov't "authority" over them? This is just a small example of what could be. How would American's fare during such an event? Well......I say just look to Katrina for your answers. 

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Subject: [OPF List] What if the SHTF?
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Have you ever considered what you would do if the United States were taken over by: foreign; mercenary; contract; or, even, American soldiers? Let's say that it is either martial law or the proverbial SHTF scenario.
Would you fight for your country (the real one, under the Constitution (form of law that you chose and were used to)), by whatever means necessary? Would you be concerned if a Muslim reporter sought to do a story on what you were doing to defend your country?
Well, take your shoes of and relax. This is not about an American defending his country, but, it is an interesting 9 plus minute study on what others might do if their country were invaded.

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