[OPF List] What if the SHTF?

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G'day all;


Yes, I would fight for my country-starting with my family, neighbors and
friends.  I took an oath to protect and defend our Constitution-and that
includes the basis for it (the folks and the country they live in under it).
I have never renounced that oath.


But this video is rubbish!  We're not a third world shithole nor are we
itinerant camel drivers looking for a little excitement well out of our
league.  So little of the context shown there applies in any manner that's
relevant to defending our country.  I would not ever be found next to a live
'Muslim' reporter, so that bit of speculation is pointless.


L8r all,




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Have you ever considered what you would do if the United States were taken
over by: foreign; mercenary; contract; or, even, American soldiers? Let's
say that it is either martial law or the proverbial SHTF scenario.

Would you fight for your country (the real one, under the Constitution (form
of law that you chose and were used to)), by whatever means necessary? Would
you be concerned if a Muslim reporter sought to do a story on what you were
doing to defend your country?

Well, take your shoes of and relax. This is not about an American defending
his country, but, it is an interesting 9 plus minute study on what others
might do if their country were invaded.



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