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Interesting video, and very reminiscent of a time in our own history, when
"domestic terrorists" and "insurgents" were also engaging in a similar
situation, for it's own reasons. FEMA has an educational class they teach to
police about this very situation, and the people they call those above names
were the Founding Fathers. 

Perhaps.  But we're not them.  We're the continuing generations.  Of
necessity, both our burdens and our solutions will be different.


I wonder, if after so many decades of social engineering and chemical
lobotomizing and narcissism pedaled as culture, what Americans would do if
faced with one of the situations brought up in the original email. 

Certainly a valid concern.  Well stated, Randy.


We currently have 3 very large groups in America, that are calling for the
death and extermination of all Americans and/or white people; La Raza and
other Mexican/South American groups; black militant groups; Muslim groups.
Hypothetically speaking, what if these organizations pressed the "GO"
button, and engaged in a Rwanda scenario on We the People? There are many
areas of the country where people who fill the ranks of these groups are the
dominant majority, or a significant enough force to overwhelm any police

Certainly possible.  However, they're not as "many areas" as you'd
intimated.   They're all pretty well in small, compact areas.usually
centered around our liberal cities.  As far as I'm concerned, let 'em kill
each other.cuz that will be the first outcome.  There will be others to be
sure, but after a week without water or a month without food, the number of
survivors will be token at best-less if they have to fight or run to keep
out of the trouble that's certain to follow them.  None of them have either
the knowledge nor understanding on how to "live off the land" or get by
without their (now looted) local Safeway or Wal-Mart nearby.


What would Americans do then? Our unorganized militia are minimal, ill
equiped, ill trained, and very unorganized overall, or at least nothing like
what it is supposed to be, according to the Constitution. 

Sadly, we agree.  OTOH; even as 'minimal', 'ill-equipped', 'ill-trained',
and unorganized as we may be, I'd submit that we'd make one heck of a potent
resistance force!  Keep in mind that they're even less valid;
worse-equipped, trained and organized than we are.  All we have to do is
hang on for 60-days.  Eventually, they'll run out of plunder and the rule of
law will again be restored.  Also eventually, we'll get back to organized


There is always the threat of economic collapse, and China exerting it's
right to Eminent Domain over America, 

Say what?  Yes, there is the very real possibility of economic collapse.
That's what should follow given what we've been doing.  But what are the
Chinese gonna do about that?  Dismantle and repossess the Golden Gate


given to them in an executive order by W. 

So what.  Executive order or not, they can't do a thing with a piece of
paper if they can't impose it.


What of the "peak oil crisis"? Look at Hurricane Katrina as an example of
social collapse. How many police are on trial for murder? How many women
were raped by people with gov't "authority" over them? This is just a small
example of what could be. 

Yes.  Sadly, there's some truth to that.


How would American's fare during such an event? Well......I say just look to
Katrina for your answers. 

There's a lot of things one could look at as a possibility of an
eventuality.  But that doesn't mean that little or nothing is out of the
question.  I suspect that such would be the case for most of the country.
The trick, I think, is to be in the right place as well as having a little
bit of luck on your side).


Regards all,



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