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Interesting how those "shithole" "camel drivers"  that are so out of their
league have managed to keep us at war for so long (9 years). 

"They" have not kept us a 'war' all these years.  The political ineptitude
and need to be PC has kept us there.  It would be a lot harder to do what
they're doing if the place was either glassed over or consisted of a 100
foot top-layer of rubble.  We're playing around over there for political
goals I simply can't seem to grasp.  Case in point; a small portion of the
worlds 5th largest military (ours) wiped out the entire body of the worlds
3rd largest military (Saddam's) in a couple of weeks.  If we wanted to, even
more pain and suffering could have been brought to bear.  And that's the key
phrase:  If we wanted to.

Especially considering that they must have nearly run out of shithole camel
drivers fighting the Russians.

They breed like maggots.  And, since their females are their personal
slaves, they have an inexhaustible supply of maggots.

I think the point that I was trying to make is that they are as willing to
fight foreigners on their soil as I hope we would be.

There's 'fighting' and there's "fighting".  While they certainly have a
level of tenacity-not often found in most Americans, on their side, they
don't have any real "fighting" skills.no more, say, than your average
Mexican drug runner or barrio bully.  Sadly, we don't need to wait for
foreigners to arrive, we already have more than enough Marxists and other
socialist vermin to fight.and I fear that that fight will be harder and
bloodier than any foreign invader could bring to us.


L8r all,




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