[OPF List] Political Correctness (Conditioning) attains new heights

Gary Hunt hunt at outpost-of-freedom.com
Sat Aug 21 09:16:44 HST 2010

First, the story: The
f-the-u-s-navy-swastika-building-1.309169>  ongoing saga of the U.S.
Navy swastika building, which is about a United States Navy quarters
building at the amphibious base in San Diego.

The building(s) were constructed in 1970 and appear to be 4 L-shaped
buildings, not full attached in the center. However, when viewed from
sufficient height, Satellite image of Naval building in San Diego it
appears to be a large swastika.

A closer (lower) look will show a less defined shape that is, well, of 4
L-shaped buildings. The L-shaped design allows for more windowed rooms
than almost any other configuration, and is not nearly as institutional
as the traditional parallel barracks configuration used on most military

However, when, in this economy, we are looking at millions of dollars
for 'correcting' (conditioning) this problem, which never would have
been apparent until GoogleEarth provided us with the means to see this
sinister apparition, it appears that we are approaching the pinnacle of
idiocy in even considering that a problem exists.

On GoogleEarth, this sinister building (which has probably housed many
Navy men of the Jewish persuasion, without detriment, can be found at: 

32°40'34.27"N, 117° 9'27.26"W



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