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That would require refusing any fed funds to run the schools.

This is how intergration was forced on the south in the 60's. Since the state schools were taking fed funds, they had to comply with fed mandates - which included intergration.

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Very good points. Now, the question arises, "Can all of this be unlegislated? And, if so, how long will it take?"

The alternative, however, is really quite simple. Give back to the local school district, without submission of any state or federal laws, the absolute authority to determine the course of education for the children who are of their concern, not of the village, the state, or the nation.

Who cares more for a child than the parents?

Who seeks only unknown pleasure in controlling the upbringing of another's child?



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On this subject, I offer the following comments from a discussion I had a couple of years ago with a far-left-leaning gal up in Massachusetts.  Following my own comments on public education is another article, written for Harper's Magazine in 2001.  Finally, I have enclosed a quote from a May 2003 Washington Times piece that discussed the NEA.  I have provided these thoughts before, but since they seem germane to the current discussion, I am providing them again in hopes that they will be useful.





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