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Many of your points were stated as questions, so I thought you were looking for more information... hence, the repetition.
Thanks for the clarification on the ownership of the domain name.
We are in agreement.


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G'day all;



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It appears that a private company dropped the site.  The title of the article is misleading.  It means that a company in the US dropped to site, not that the US government had a role.  There is nothing in the story that suggests that the government was involved in the decision.

We agree completely...and that would be what I wrote, did I not...?


Gary's commentary reflects his opinion, and there are no facts in the story that support the theory of the government's involvement in restricting free speech.

Exactly what I said, did I not?


Since the owner of the domain name can do as they please with their property, removing the site is not a free speech issue any more than it would for Moose to kick out a member of our group.  They provider is small company that is managing their risk carefully by stepping out of this fracas.

Pretty well what I said as well, did I not?  I have only one nit to pick, and that is that the registrar does not "own" the domain name, the person that used their service to register that name owns it.  They can take and shop that name to anybody that'll take their money in exchange for broadcasting their IP addy.


L8r all,


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US Registrar Yanks WikiLeaks Domain <http://news.antiwar.com/2010/12/03/wikileaks-registrar-problems-leave-site-difficult-to-reach/> 

Well, that title is somewhat misleading.  A "registrar" is simply a business entity that formally reserves a domain name, called the 'Canonical name' and links it to a shared pool of IP numbers.  It is that IP number that is the actual address of that named site.  This number is called a 'dotted-quad' and looks something like this:  '123.234.345.456'.  The IP number for the server this list is hosted on is:  This is done because it's easier for a human to remember 'OneAmericanPatriot.com' than it is to remember  For this privilege they take your money, and then distribute a registration message to all of the DNS's (Domain Name Servers) at the next higher level of propagation all around the world.  There are many, many registrars...nor are they all in the US.

I find it interesting that a country that espouses Freedom of Speech will resort to such tactics.

It's probably just me being clueless, but since when did a common domain name registrar become a functioning arm of the US government?  The real question is, I think, did they do this either in concert with or under duress from said government?  If yes, then they are feckless rat-bastards as well as probably cowards working in their own behalf for their own continued survival (although it's hard to fault them for that should that be the case).  And no, I wouldn't put it past the bastards in DC to have strong-armed them to do that.  If you think it's bad now, wait until the feds (under the guise of the FCC) assume un-appropriated control over the web later this month.  Enjoy what little is left of your freedoms while you can...

Now, some will say, "well, he is releasing secret information that might cost lives". There is, however, doubtful support of that contention.

Very little, if any, of that info was unknown to the general public at large-except possibly in this country where folks are more interested in "American Idol" or the voting in "Dancing With The Stars".  OTOH; how many folks have to die before you'd consider it a poorly considered choice?

Understand, however, that if there is a problem in that area, it is not Americans having access to that information who will pose threats to those who might be at risk. Obviously, it is foreigners who have access that pose that risk. 

Sadly, too true.

So, the rest of the world can read WikiLeaks, since it is only the US Registrar blocking the domain. Consequently, it is only Americans who are denied the information. 

Incorrect!  Anyone can get to WikiLeaks via their IP address.  On top of which many of the DNS servers continue to list their IP addy like mine does.

Is it, perhaps, more likely that the government doesn't want US to know what they are up to?

Certainly possible.  But, if they wanted that to be the case they sure chose a poor way to do it.  It would have been far better if they'd not given the keys to the digital kingdom to that little faggot, Pvt. Manning.  If you think things are bad now, wait until they remove 'Don't ask, don't tell' and they turn the rest of our closet faeries loose on the world.


P.S. If you want to go to WikiLeaks, the IP number will get you there without the domain lookup (word address).

Yep.  I'd go there myself and download those pages while they're still available.  But I don't have even a fraction of the bandwidth needed to do that...so I'm not going to be able to view them myself...<big sigh!>


L8r all,

-- "Truth is seen as treason in this empire built on an endless sea of lies!" 

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