[OPF List] Bundy Ranch - false alarm

Gary Hunt hunt at outpost-of-freedom.com
Tue Apr 15 10:39:18 KST 2014

I received a phone call, about 15 minutes ago, say that Sheriff Mack claims
that DHS, et al, is returning to the Bundy Ranch. I called the Ranch and
Ryan Bundy (about 6:00 PM PDT, Monday, April 14)said that everything is
peaceful, and they have seen no activity. 

They have not put out any alarm, or call for support. They do have some
defensive personnel still on hand, and could hold out for additional
assistance, if the need arises.

They would like to dispel such rumors. If people on the way home turn around
because of a rumor, then find that it is not true, they will turn around
again, and head for home. A couple of rounds of that will get them to ignore
a call, if it is legitimate. 

There are a number of people keeping constant track of the goings-on in
Bunkersville. They will put out the call, if the Bundys decide that they
need help. 

Please, don't burn yourself out by responding to rumors without merit. Save
year energy, and gas, for a requested response, and if that call arises,
then come prepared to demonstrate the same support, and willingness, that
has so far been demonstrated -- showing the patience and fortitude of the
Patriot Community.

Gary Hunt
 <http://www.outpost-of-freedom.com/> Outpost of Freedom


So long as we fight only amongst ourselves, we will never have to face the
more dangerous task of fighting against our enemy.



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