[OPF List] Harry Reid, Domestic Terrorist, and History repeating itself.

Gary Hunt hunt at outpost-of-freedom.com
Sat Apr 19 12:14:40 KST 2014

In response to Harry Reid calling the supporters of Cliven Bundy "Domestic
Terrorists", my replay has been:

I would rather be a "Domestic Terrorist" than a "Domestic Enemy". I have no
problem with that.

However, a friend has bested me by going back in history. Here is what he


Earle of Shelburne in the House of Commons debating King George III's speech
on how to respond to the surrounding of Boston after Lexington and Concord:

How comes it, that the Colonies are charged with planning independency, in
the face of their explicit declaration to the contrary, contained in that
Petition? Who is it that presumes to put an assertion, (what shall I call
it, my Lords?) contrary to fact, contrary to evidence, notorious to the
whole world, in that mouth, from which truth alone, if unprompted, would
issue? Is it their intention, by thus perpetually sounding independence in
the ears of the Americans, to lead them to it, or, by treating them, upon
suspicion, with every possible violence, to compel them into that, which
must be our ruin?


Is it Harry Reed's ignorance of history or explicit intention to lead
American patriots to become Domestic Terrorists by perpetually sounding it
in their ears?

Someone should tell Harry how that worked out the first time.

Gary Hunt
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An American, without apology; 

and one who can think of no other time and place, in history, that I would
rather be alive.



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