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*** Friday April 25 //***/Gary Hunt 
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*The Bundy Affair -Is Anybody in Charge Here?*
> Gary Hunt
> Outpost of Freedom
> April 23, 2014

> There are events currently unfolding in Bunkerville, Nevada, that 
> aren't apparent to most, and especially not of interest to Mainstream 
> media, however, they are extremely important to the Patriot Community, 
> as you will see.
> Let's revisit this past Saturday, April 12, 2012.  The Bundy family, 
> friends, and supporters, numbering in the hundreds, massed in a wash, 
> not far distant from the cattle that had been "arrested", in 
> conformity with a Court Order, for those cattle trespassing on 
> government land.
> Then comes Jerry DeLemus, US Marine Corp veteran (circa 1973), and 
> leader of a Glenn Beck 9/12 Project group, but no known membership or 
> contribution to the militia.  Quite interesting that Beck has 
> ridiculed the plight of Cliven Bundy, though Jerry seems to hold Beck 
> in high esteem. According to reports that I have received, he arrived, 
> after a nearly 3,000 mile drive, with 2 vehicles, one driven by his 
> son, Josh, in an exhausted state, and has remained in that state (of 
> exhaustion) since.  His hyperactive state (an indication of exhaustion 
> and lots of coffee) can be seen in this rather emotional interview by 
> Stewart Rhodes - Bundy Ranch: We Came Risking Never Coming Home Jerry 
> DeLemus 
> <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GS7EoIFZcs8&feature=youtu.be&t=2m40s>.
> Though he was absent from the event that might be deemed the Bundy 
> Cattle Unrustling, which was attended by protestors, some militia 
> members and, of course, the Cowboys.  A reserve militia unit was 
> standing by at the Ranch, ready to respond if the call that things 
> were getting bad came from one of the Bundys who was a principle in 
> the events then unfolding at the BLM camp 3 or 4 miles north of the 
> Bunkerville exit on I-15.
> While others were calling for additional assistance form volunteers 
> around the country, DeLemus had other ideas.  In the Nashua Telegraph, 
> his hometown newspaper published the following from their April 18 
> edition (an excerpt - 
> http://www.nashuatelegraph.com/news/1034411-469/nh-man-takes-prominent-role-with-armed.html):
> Thursday afternoon, DeLemus was warning others not to come to 
> Bunkerville because "we don't want an escalation."
> DeLemus said, if a confrontation was to unfold, they would likely be 
> obliterated by federal firepower.  DeLemus said he is concerned that 
> more people would enter harm's way if the number of activists keeps 
> swelling at the Bundy Ranch.
> "We'd be able to bloody their noses a little ... but we wouldn't stand 
> a chance," DeLemus said.
> A rather interesting lack of confidence for someone who has just taken 
> charge, and assumed control, over all personnel except the Bundy family.
> DeLemus didn't arrive until well after that event, though upon 
> reporting to the Militia Liaison, and he was delegated to assist Bill 
> Keebler in maintaining organization within the militia camp.  DeLemus 
> then "relieved Keebler of "command", asserting his authority over the 
> entire militia contingent.  In subsequent efforts for the Militia 
> Liaison to work with, and pass direction on, from the Bundys, he was 
> responded to with, "These are my guys, you must go through me if you'd 
> like access to them"; "This is my camp and this is my command"; and 
> "Just stay away from here." Clearly, this late comer, who arrived 
> after the Saturday event, has no known militia ties, had wrested 
> control of the militia operation, even to the point of ignoring the 
> Militia Liaison, which had been the means of communication and of the 
> Bundys means of seeking assistance or requesting any activity of the 
> militia contingent.  Rather scary that what had functioned so well, 
> all the way up to and beyond the Saturday event, was now being taken 
> over by someone that had no dog in the fight, and was unwilling to 
> relinquish any "power" that he had assumed, if to the extent of the 
> previously fluid communication between the Bundys and the militia.
> Now, to understand the role of the Militia Liaison, first established 
> and approved by the Bundys.  The Militia Liaison arrived at the ranch 
> on April 8.  He met with Cliven Bundy and explained that Operation 
> Mutual Aid (OMA) had sent requests for militia to come to the ranch, 
> and he had come to coordinate their activity.  It was agreed that he 
> would be the interface (liaison) between the family and the militia, 
> and he agreed that a force of volunteers would could serve in the 
> capacity of a Security Team (Personal Security Detail - PSD), to 
> provide immediate protection for the family.  These, however, would be 
> detached for the militia contingent, while serving in that capacity.
> As members of the PSD returned to their homes and replacements became 
> necessary, efforts to secure replacements were met with the 
> belligerent assertions of control quoted above, leaving securing 
> additional person for the PSD difficult, and based upon DeLemus' 
> selection rather than that of the Militia Liaison, so rather than 
> easily dealt with, now sometime requiring off-site visits to interview 
> potential replacements.
> To demonstrate the problem, let me provide a quote from a report 
> concerning such difficulty, from an occurrence on April 19:
> "I requested 3 men from Jerry's [DeLemus] contingent for temporary 
> ranch security while I vetted and approved a new PSD leader and 
> personnel.  I personally vetted and briefed the personnel that Jerry 
> sent to me before I left to vet new PSD staff, which has remained a 
> decentralized element from militia contingent, While I was gone from 
> the ranch vetting a possible volunteer, Jerry came down to the ranch 
> and found his men on the PSD at the house and proceeded to chew their 
> asses, then he left the house and returned to the ranch entry 
> checkpoint just before I arrived.  When I arrived Jerry started 
> yelling at me in front of 5 other men while I was still in my jeep.  I 
> exited the jeep and told Jerry we should have the conversation 
> elsewhere in an attempt to not reveal a dissension in the ranks to the 
> men.  He followed for about 30 yards and then re-engaged the yelling.  
> His complaint was that I had not informed him of what duty the 3 men I 
> had requested were to perform (which is untrue, he was informed they 
> were for temporary PSD), and that PSD at the house was so important 
> that he had to personally vet all PSD personnel, to which I replied 
> that I had vetted and briefed the men as they reported to me, I felt 
> comfortable with all 3 as I had contact with one for the last 2 years 
> and the other two made no triggers in my interrogation style vetting 
> process.  He continued yelling and making aggressive gestures, 
> accusing me of a condescending tone, trying to own the entire 
> situation and he was going to beat my little punk ass."
> So, from chaos brought to order by the Militia Liaison, we then come 
> to a pompous "Napoleon" who must have absolute and complete control 
> over all, though he has no demonstrable ability or prior relationship 
> with militia, and a now disgruntled command.
> Though there may have been others, I have received a report that a 
> contingent of six militia members who arrived from the Phoenix, 
> Arizona area, who, upon meeting the new Napoleon, determined that they 
> would not "put up with his shit", and began their 370 mile return 
> trip, shortly after their arrival.
> So, from what began, and succeeded, with a degree of controlled chaos, 
> which should have evolved into a highly organized and cooperative 
> effort has become the 'command' of a pompous, self-aggrandizing, 
> untrained (since 1973, and no idea of what rank he held), Glenn Beck 
> advocate (Do you wonder what Beck would say to them having guns, let 
> along supporting Bundy), who is belligerent, abusive, uncooperative, 
> hyperactive, exhausted, unable to demonstrate any leadership 
> qualities, pusillanimous, and otherwise, a totally unqualified 
> individual, who has assumed command, leaving the Militia Liaison in 
> the ticklish position of having to be manly, polite, courteous, and to 
> maintain his distance as not a part of the militia, deal with an 
> insubordinate SOB, and try to reestablish a coherent defensive force 
> in order to continue the operation begun by OMA to provide protection 
> for the Bundys.
> As a final thought; as resistance to government intrusions into our 
> rights escalates, perhaps it is time to look back into our history at 
> the militia of both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, where men who 
> were volunteers fought better when they elected their own leaders, 
> rather than having someone, not of their choosing, either by assuming 
> or being appointed to command.
>     *This article can be found on line at *The Bundy Affair - Is
>     Anybody in Charge Here? <http://outpost-of-freedom.com/blog/?p=823>
> */Gary Hunt/**
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> voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it."
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