[OPF List] The Bundy Affair -Is Anybody in Charge Here? - Follow Up

Gary Hunt hunt at outpost-of-freedom.com
Mon Apr 28 02:35:40 JST 2014

I understand, from the militia liaison, that the problem has been resolved,
and the Jerry DeLemus has become cooperative and agreed to a shared command
-- working well with others.

I am pleased that this turned out the way that it did, and I Applaud Jerry
for his change of tactic and realizing that the responsibility, and command,
must be shared by those able to demonstrate their abilities to participate,
together, to achieve the objective.

As difficult as this troublesome as this subject has become, it was a
discussion that had to take place. We may not have time to address this at
the next event, so with this now openly on the table, we have an example of
cooperation that will serve to avoid the same, in the future.

So, again, my applause to Jerry and to all of the others who participated in
finding a solution to a problem, that could have, in the future, been very

Gary Hunt
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So long as we fight only amongst ourselves, we will never have to face the
more dangerous task of fighting against our enemy.



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