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July 20 2016

Are Cops Heroes?

Why do we claim that cops are heroes? This letter is meant to have a real
conversation using real facts, not propaganda or government lies. Let us
remember a few sayings from our founders:

1). Those who would give up their liberty for security deserve neither.

2). Give me liberty or give me death.

3). When the government fears the people, there is liberty; when the people
fear the government, there is tyranny.

Now, why is it that we say that cops are heroes?

1). Cops put their lives on the line every day to protect society.

False. The policeman's job is not to protect us. Doubt me? Ask anyone who
has called and asked for protection. The police are not there for us, We the
People, they are there to enforce the laws created by the government. Police
risking their lives for the betterment of society is no heroic thing,
either. Do you call electricians or plumbers heroes? What would your life be
like without them? The electrician risks his life every day to serve society
and its needs. Without a plumber we would have the plagues of the Middle
Ages again, yet they risk their health every day to keep society safe. Why
don't we call them heroes? Why not? The two trades do more for society,
every day, than all of the cops combined.

2). Cops enforce laws so we can have a civilized society.

False. They enforce laws that are unconstitutional and do not act to make
society any safer. Some examples or the drug laws, or the "War on Drugs".
All the "War on Drugs" has done is make the government richer and make
America the country that has more of its citizens in prison than any other
nation on Earth, with no decrease in drug trafficking and higher addiction
levels than ever. Or, how about gun laws? Criminals don't follow laws anyway
and our Constitution, in the Second Amendment, says, "shall not be
infringed". Yet, somehow our government has said they have the authority to
limit a right that "shall not be infringed."

3). The police presence deters crime and criminal activity.

False. Our crime rates have increased despite there being more police than
ever in our Country's history. 

4). Police do the job most people won't do and aren't paid much to do it.

False. This reminds me of Obama's claim of why we need illegal immigrants to
do jobs Americans won't do. At one time, we used to look out for each other
and we didn't need police to 'protect' us, we protected each other. The
police are paid well, usually starting at about $45k a year, plus a good
benefit package including insurance, retirement and other perks. 

So, how did we get brainwashed into believing we need police to exist for us
to be safe? It started in the early 1900's, by the government's own actions.

1). Prohibition

2). Drug laws (originally only subject to taxation).

3). Gun laws (originally only subject to taxation).

4). Getting away from "common law", which basically means that there is no
crime if there is not an injured party. By making "victimless crimes", we
created an unlimited number of "crimes" that the police will enforce on We
the People.

By enacting the above laws we created organized crime. People like John F.
Kennedy's dad were some of our country's first organized criminals. The
"Mob" and other organized gangs formed to profit from the prohibition of
alcohol and drugs. Due to the amount of money and power involved, people
fought violently to control those trades. The government used the violence
resulting from those laws they created to enhance the FBI and create other
agencies. This has evolved to our current "police state". The government had
scared the public with the news of the violence used by the mobs against the
other mobs, or their own members, to tell America that we needed these
federal agencies to protect us from these violent mobsters. Most of the
violence did not affect the average American, the violence was directed at
the competition, but that didn't keep the grant of power to law enforcement
from beginning to grow into what we have now. 

The 80's began to further the 'pussification' of America. "If you see
something, say something", in other words, call the police and turn in your
neighbor. The 911 phone number made the culture of the coward. The number of
snitches grew exponentially. We the People used to handle most problems
without calling the police. Only school kids had to 'tattle', adults handled
their own business. My Mom raised me to "MYOB", mind your own business. The
80's changed that mentality in America. Since we had more snitching, we
needed more police to try to stop the crimes. Well, it still hasn't stopped
the crimes, but we have even more cops.

In my opinion, cops are more of a hindrance to society than a help. An
example of his is in the 70's and before, disrespectful people learned
respect, the hard way, if necessary. What I mean is if you tried to
disrespect someone and thought you could say anything to someone without
consequence, you might get your ass whipped. If you called the police and
they saw that you instigated the fight, due to your disrespect, the cop
might arrest you. In today's time, if you defend yourself or your honor, the
cops will put you in jail. Now, we have a huge segment of society know there
are no consequences for their antisocial behavior, which, over time,
emboldens them to further escalate their demonstrations of disrespect,
including assault old people and women, and theft/robbery. Couple this with
so many children who live with the lack of father, as role models in the
lives, they grow up with no limits or consequences to their behavior. I,
personally, won't call the police for any reason.  I have, and will continue
to, handle my own issues. And, if anyone has a problem with me taking care
of my own business, it will be whatever it is, Right is right! Wrong is
wrong! - Despite the lies and twists the authorities might try to make you

Now, just for the record and for full disclosure of facts, I want to let
everyone know:

My uncle was an "old school" policeman in the 60's through the 80's. He is
also against modern policing.

My son-in-law is a policeman. He is the father of my two grandsons. He and I
have had the conversation that I have just written in this letter.

I have numerous friends who are in law enforcement and it is due to those
friendships and our conversations that I have formed my opinions and
developed the facts in this letter.

The points I want t make by writing this letter are:

1). Cops are not heroes, just people who, for different reasons, have chosen
that profession.

2). WE the People don't need police to live in a civilized society.

3). Cops are not owners or bosses, they are public servants and should act

4). When the government fears the people, there is liberty; when the people
fear the government, there is tyranny.

5).Those who would give up liberty for security deserve neither.

KC Massey


This Letter can be found on line at Massey Letter 13


Gary Hunt
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"We cannot make events. Our business is wisely to improve them."

Sam Adams to Rev. Samuel Cooper, April 30, 1776


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